U.S. hotel performance was mostly positive year over year, according to CoStar’s latest data through 2 March.
Rising competition in the hotel bookings landscape is pushing the industry towards the smarter use of technology. Hotels that leverage first-party data to drive AI strategies can win the race against OTAs for guest attention and loyalty.
Several factors are driving the demand for hospitality industry, especially domestic tourism. ICRA expects this robust demand to lead to strong growth in FY2025.
Sound is an opportunity area that luxury hoteliers haven't fully capitalized on. But they are perfect places to create unique, rarified experiences.
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A new study from Arrivia reveals a divide between what customers want and what businesses assume.
Several hotel groups are now testing Oasense shower heads, which maximize water flow rates to reduce waste.
Despite a still-challenged lending environment and economic uncertainty, hotel operators focused on conversions and the booming midscale and luxury segments to fuel growth.
Inflation, however, is preventing the hotel industry from reaching its full potential, according to President and CEO Chip Rogers.